About Us

Kafait Travel LTD

Kafait Travels – The first travel agents in Leeds, had humble beginnings, being established all the way back in 1968. The journey began when the founder, Mr Kafait Ali – who himself was originally from Azad Kashmir Chakswari Mirpur – started to help those who had been in the UK since the 1950’s and 1960’s, return back to their families. The idea was unique and ahead of it’s time, but the difficulties in achieving such an aim did not daunt the young Kafait.

A dedicated and hard-working man, Kafait would spend his nights tirelessly working at a West Yorkshire foundry, all the while forming a solution to how he could help those wanting to return back to Pakistan. His finances may have been modest, but fortunately Kafait’s heart was as large as his ambition. Having saved every penny he could, he was finally able to set in motion the establishment of his passion… Kafait Travels. This would hugely aid those in the local communities who were desperate to reunite with families back in their homeland.

This is how it all started.

Mr Kafait Ali was one of the first to arrive at the address of 16 Dorset Avenue, Harehills,
Eventually, having placed his entire body and soul into growing his business, He passed the business on to his son Afthkhar Ali & daughter-in-law, Akhtar Ali, so as they could successfully continue growing the business.