Tickets to Pakistan

Pakistan is a special country. It is true that there is little tourist infrastructure in the country, yet it is this rustic and traditional quality that brings such immense rewards. It is a country that will sets the bar very high, since Pakistan is sure to have a special place in your heart.


Pakistan is a country of contrasts, where you will enrich yourself with its culture and people. It will enrich you in mental openness, knowing other lifestyles, other very different cultures, and at a spiritual level: other more human values, more generosity, greater respect towards parents, the elderly, more solidarity, detachment from property and superficial individuality. Here, you will see a more marked respect for nature and the environment.

It is a country and people living more traditional, simpler lives. At the same time, in certain cities, there are modern, technological consumer aspects that exist in Europe with all the amenities you could wish for. There is certainly no reason for you not be treated in a hospitable manner as a tourist.

Pakistan also hides some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscapes on Earth. By heading off the beaten track, you will discover giant gorges, mountains rearing into the clouds, grasslands as far as the eye can see, ancient architecture untouched by hordes of tourists and villages waiting to welcome you. Pakistan truly is a hidden gem.